I wanted to tell you a story.

The particular story of the birth of the last Louise Carmen notebook.

Coming back from this wonderful one-year family trip, I started the Louise Carmen adventure.

For the first 3 years, I created notebooks that had all the details I needed.

It was simple.

Many of us were looking for those same little details, so that pretty dream turned into a pretty brand.

At the end of 2019, our advisers at Bon Marché and at the Parisian concept store Merci began to tell me that they were asked more and more often for a model of notebook that we did not have.

This notebook I did not want, but not at all to hear about.

I was kinda like Grandpa , the son of Soupalognon y crouton in Asterix in Hispania, when he stops breathing because he is not happy, that he has a whim. Haha ha!

Yes, that's it, I was like him. Completely blocked.

And then, came this incredible period of confinement.

This parenthesis in our lives that made us see things differently.

Fabien, co-founder of Louise Carmen, delicately led me to the idea that I had to think differently.

And that maybe the solution was, quite simply, to ask yourself what exactly you wanted.

So we wrote a questionnaire.

And we sent it to you.

We were very surprised by the number of participants and the precision of what you wanted.

On reading your answers, the main lines quickly emerge.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you the rest of the story ...

I wish you a great day!


Co-founder of Louise Carmen

PS1: Thursday, August 27, you will discover this new notebook and the original offer that we are offering you

PS2: roadbooks and organizers in vegetable-tanned navy leather are available on the site and in the store

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