Souvenirs of Sayan - the candle to personalize

  • Souvenirs of Sayan - the candle to personalize

Souvenirs of Sayan - the candle to personalize

The scent of frangipani flowers in this candle v e transports you to Sayan, on the island of Bali.
It's a place covered in tropical forest where we like to recharge our batteries that inspired us. There floats the scent of frangipani flowers.

The candle is made in a contemporary Balinese spirit. A mixture of black waxed concrete dyed in the mass and wood.
It delicately perfumes your room. Its virtues are soothing.

The customization

You personalize the label with word, first name, initials, expression. We hot stamp it in gold color. Personalization is offered.

100% Made in Paris
It is entirely made on rue Saint Honoré, in a small Parisian workshop.

It is a creation of our friend Jeanne. She makes each pot in waxed concrete dyed in the mass in black. Then, she gently polishes each pot with beeswax.

Finally, she pours the soy wax into each jar. It is an artisanal manufacture, 100% made in Paris.

The candle

It is a natural soy wax, guaranteed GMO-free, pesticide-free. It is Vegan and 100% biodegradable. It does not emit any toxic substances. The wick complies with the European REACH regulation.

Created by an expert perfumer

The frangipani flower fragrance was created by Robertet, expert perfumer in Grasse.
Both candle and decorative accessory, v ou reuse the jar once the candle is consumed. It is 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

in summary

  • this is a big soy wax candle
  • double wooden wicks
  • fragrance with frangipani flowers
  • the pot is made of concrete dyed in the mass, polishes with wax
  • candle weight 370 g
  • burning time: 120 h
  • total weight of candle + concrete jar 1 150 g

Conseils d'utilisation

Pour que la bougie se consume bien et dure longtemps, allumez-la pendant 2h pour que la cire forme une piscine. Toute la cire sera fondue de façon uniforme. 

Une fois la bougie éteinte et la cire refroidie, n'hésitez-pas à couper le surplus de bois brûlé en coupant les mèches. Laissez dépasser 0,5 cm de mèche.

Une fois la bougie terminée, pour nettoyer le pot des résidus de cire, passez-le sous l'eau très chaude ou utilisez un sèche cheveux. La cire résiduelle va fondre. Nettoyez-la avec un papier absorbant. Vous pourrez utiliser le pot en vide poche par exemple.