Tuesday, March 23, 2022

We did not linger on the island of Ios.

In the morning, we took the ferry.

I have very fond memories of this crossing.

The arrival in Santorini was grandiose.

From the height of our 19 years, we were subjugated.

Everything was in its place.

There were my azure blue domes.

The chapels clinging to the cliff, as if suspended 300 mts above the water.

The sky was blue.

The sea was blue.

Everything was a clever balance of blue and white.

This island was as if all the Greek Gods had conspired to make it a unique place.

This blue remained imprinted in my memory.

When I created the Louise Carmen collection in Heritage leather, I was looking for this blue.

A long time.

And then, Lorenzo, called us a month ago from his tannery in Tuscany.

With his delicious Italian accent, he told us:
I'll throw some leather in the blue you're looking for. I can add some skins for you. It interests you?

Oh, but yes! Downright! Lorenzo, this blue has been my obsession for so long.

When we received the first prototypes its name imposed itself: Azul.

Azul is for me a call to travel, to the sun, to escape.

It is this intense blue that we find in the Cyclades.

And then we thought about an irresistible capsule.

A nice nice capsule, practical, useful.

Something unique for you.

I still have two or three small things to finish.

But tomorrow everything will be ready.

Azul is this trip to Santorini.

I can't wait to show it to you!!!

See you tomorrow at 7 a.m.
I wish you a beautiful day with a beautiful sky Azul.
Co-founder of Louise Carmen